Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

    • What is the project goal? For information on the overall HSS Project goal, please review the project background slide deck, which is available for download here.

    • What is the target population? For more information about the HSS Project target population, please click here.

    • What is integrated independent housing? For more information on how integrated independent housing is defined for the HSS project, please review the information at this link.

    • What is the Department of Justice Settlement Agreement? Additional information and updates on Virginia's progress towards achieving the goals outlined in the DOJ Settlement Agreement are available at DBHDS's DOJ website

    • Is there a state plan to increase independent living options? Yes, a copy of Virginia's Plan to Increase Independent Living Options is available on-line here.                                                                    

    • Where can I find project documents? All project documents can be accessed and downloaded using the HSS Project Document Library. Documents can be accessed using either Google Docs or DropBox.



Who are the state partners supporting this work, and what is the state leadership structure for the project?

The state partners supporting these efforts are : 

Please click here for additional information on state agency management structure.

What communities are participating in the HSS effort, and how do I get involved in my community's local efforts? 

Four teams across Virginia are implementing local action plans to increase the number of Virginians with ID/DD living in independent integrated community settings.
    • Hampton Roads Peninsula region represented by the cities of Chesapeake, Hampton, and Newport News. To access the team's webpage please click here.
    • Hampton Roads Southside region represented by the cities of Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk, and Virginia Beach. To access the team's webpage click here.
    • Northern Virginia region represented by cities of Alexandria, Fairfax, Manassas, and Manassas Park and the counties of Arlington, Fairfax, Loudoun, and Prince William. To access the team's webpage, please click here.
    • Richmond Region represented by the cities of Petersburg and Richmond and the counties of Charles City, Chesterfield, Hanover, Henrico, and New Kent. To access the team's webpage, please click here.
100 Day Challenge

What is the Rapid Results Institute and what is the 100 Day Challenge?

The Rapid Results Institute works with communities and organizations across the globe to bridge the gap between aspirations and impact related to critical social problems.

Their aim is to help solve the “last mile” problem in development work. They do this by introducing highly choreographed 100-day projects – Rapid Results Initiatives – into large-scale programs and projects, in ways that create local ownership and accountability for results, and that inspire innovation and collaboration among stakeholders at the local level.

In each situation their strategy for creating sustained impact has three elements:
  1. Getting started quickly with 100-day projects that produce tangible results – and that help local last-mile stakeholders “act their way into a new way of thinking”. They iterate on this start-up element of the strategy, adjusting the design with each cycle of 100-day projects, until we – and local leaders – lock into a “business model” that can be scaled and sustained. 
  2. Engaging local leaders and coaching them to drive continued progress, building on the initial waves of 100-day projects. 
  3. Training and developing local “Rapid Results coaches” that can provide on-going coaching and facilitation support for local leaders and for 100-day project teams. 
For more information about the Rapid Results methodology, please visit their site on-line at

What are the community level goals for the 100 day Challenge?

Information on the community level goals are available on each community's web page. 
  • Click here for the Hampton Roads Peninsula team's webpage.
  • Click here for the Hampton Roads Southside team's webpage. 
  • Click here for the Northern Virginia team's webpage. 
  • Click here for the Richmond Region team's webpage.