Hampton Roads - Peninsula

For more information about activities in the Hampton Roads-Peninsula Region, contact:

Joy Cipriano 
Director of Property and Resource Development 
Hampton-Newport News Community Services Board
(757) 788-0031

Hampton Roads - Peninsula Community 100 Day Challenge Goals:
  1. Within 100 days, Hampton Redevelopment and Housing Authority and James City County will absorb vouchers referred by VHDA
  2. Within 45 days, survey stakeholder organizations for level of support offered, data they have available and level of commitment
  3. Within 100 days, convene community partnership by conducting a Peninsula Leveling Launch event 
  4. Gather and assess the number of people who meet housing criteria and are interested in independent housing within the region
  5. Within 30 days, hold fair housing training for clinical/services staff

Community Team Members 
  • Joy Cipriano, Hampton Newport News CSB (Co-Lead)
  • Liane Cramer, Hampton RHA (Co-Lead)
  • Deborah Bailey, Hampton-Newport News CSB
  • Yvette Dowling, Peninsula CIL
  • Diane Dressler, Community Life Resources
  • Vaughn Poller, James City County Housing
  • Catherine Tyler-Northan, Peninsula CIL

Communities Represented
  • City of Hampton
  • City of Newport News
  • City of Williamsburg
  • James City County
Note:  Although the HSS “100-Day Challenge” is focused on three specific regions of the state, community team members, the organizations that they represent and the outcomes from the HSS “100-Day Challenge” could have an impact on the lives of individuals that do not reside in localities that are listed above.